The 2nd AMECA/East Africa Network conducted in Kampala, Uganda

November 1, 2019

In partnership with the University of Minnesota, Makerere University, and the International Brain Research Organization (BRO), the second AMECA/East Africa Network was conducted in Kampala, Uganda (October 25-26, 2019). The two-day event focused on on addiction and related mental health disorders and targeted the collaboration within the Afrabia region. The meeting highlighted the vibrant neuroscience communities in the African and Middle East regions to forge an intellectual partnership towards achieving a common goal of understanding the psychosocial complexities affecting the two geographical regions and to provide solutions that will enhance and prolong the lives of its people.

In addition to Prof. Mustafa al’Absi, present of AMECA, the steering committee for the conference includes Prof. Sadiq Yusuf, St Augustine International University, Kampala, Uganda, Prof Noeline Nakasujja, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, and Prof. Abdul Kadir H. Mohammed, Karolinska Institute, Sweden.