About BML

Dr. al'Absi founded the Stress and Resilience Research Laboratories to facilitate a deeper understanding of the mechanisms mediating effects of stress on addictive behaviors. Since 1997, the Stress and Resilience Research Laboratories have served the global community in furthering the discussion surrounding addiction and stress in an effort to de-stigmatize addictive diseases.

Over the years, Dr. al'Absi and the SRRL team have worked to extend their reach in the local communities of Duluth and Minneapolis. You can find a listing below of various news articles. Please also check our News Stories page:

Duluth News Tribune - John Lundy (02/19/2018) Duluth researcher looking at effects of cannabis on giving up tobacco smoking

News Tribune - Brooks Johnson (08/14/2017) Peek @ performance: Duluth research part of national study about work productivity Duluth

Fox News - MyHealthNewsDaily (10/23/2015) High Blood Pressure Can Make You Emotion-Blind

Mix 108 - Laura Peterson (04/25/2012) Get Paid to Quit Smoking with UMD Medical School Study

EurekAlert! (09/26/2007) Mustafa al'Absi Ph.D. and national team awarded major NIH grant

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, 291 Medical School Building, Duluth, MN 55812, USA. Phone (218) 726-8896; Fax (218) 726-7559